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Welcome to Chatawa Management Business Portal:

Chatawa Management Company is a professional management company since 1986.

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What's New?

All new business portal inclusive of modernistic asset management reports, cost analysis reports, work order spreadsheets, and inventory spreadsheets which in turn, showcase our transparent accounting process allowing our customers full disclosure of data resulting in integrity and confidence in the process.

About Chatawa

Chatawa Management Company based out of Walker, Louisiana designs and manages consolidation programs providing the waste industry container repair, refurbishment and delivery within a multi-state area. Since 1986, we have provided low cost alternatives to large corporations on labor intensive, non-revenue generating sections of their operations. Our safety record is impeccable. Our priorities are to provide the highest quality product and timely service to the customer at the lowest possible cost to the client.

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For more information about our company, please contact us.

David Miller - 225-937-1988

1127 Nolan Felder Road
Magnolia, MS 39652
Email: chatawamanagement@aol.com